Grand Central Oyster Bar, need I say more?

Okay, well since this is a blog, I will actually say more, but seriously that place is legendary and practically speaks for itself!  The Oyster Bar is easily one of my absolute favorite places to eat in New York.  Of course, why wouldn’t it be when I’m a total shellfish junkie?  I started with the assorted oyster plate, which is 8 mixed raw oysters.  Now I’m sure everyone knows the rules for eating raw oysters, just let it slide down your throat and you don’t even taste them.  However, you are truly missing out if that’s how you eat them at the oyster bar.  All of these assorted oysters were meaty and fresh, and had an amazing taste to them, only enhanced by the Dirty Goose martinis that my cousin and I were drinking.  Vodka absolutely brings out the natural flavors in the oysters better than anything else.  For my main course, I had a sea scallop pan-roast, which had huge scallops in a rich, thick broth.  While soup and oysters don’t really sound like they would be that filling of a dinner, the richness of the food makes them both just enough, without feeling like you’re walking away stuffed to the brim.  Also, for a seafood restaurant in New York, the price point really is reasonable, you can easily have a great meal for just around $50.  


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